About TNT

Curtis and Gail Fontenot Welcome You To TNT Gun Shows!

TNT Gun Shows is currently producing shows in the Southeast Texas area.

We are proud to be hosting shows in Port Arthur and Orange Texas. Decades in the gun business have taught Curtis and Gail what it takes to make a great gun show. They have learned that it isn’t enough to just advertise well, you have to listen to your vendors, and bring the public what they deserve and expect, in a family friendly environment.

Visitors to our show will enjoy a wide range of firearms, new, pre-owned and collectible. Something for everyone, from the first time gun buyer, gun enthusiast to the avid collector. Buy, sell, or trade. Ammunition, reloading supplies, magazines, scopes, knives, knife making supplies, personal defense, personal protection items, tactical gear, shooting supplies, hunting supplies, militaria and much more. You can find almost anything related to shooting and hunting, because gun shows aren’t just guns.

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